Consistency is the key ...

The word ‘soufflé’ tends to leave many people with a sinking feeling and frightened to make them, writes lenn Futter.

But the reality is that an omlette soufflé, which is what I’m cooking here, is pretty easy to make .

You can add any sort of filling you fancy and it will taste delicious. The secret is ensuring the egg white is at just the right consistency before adding the egg yolk.

My simple recipe takes no more than five minutes and honestly, it tastes fantastic.

As all of the ingredients are kitchen staples, there really is no excuse not to have a go!With that in mind, here is what you will need.


2 eggs separated per person



50g cheese

2tps vegetable oil.


lWhisk egg whites until light and fluffy, either by hand or with an electric whisk.

lGently fold the yolks into the white and season with salt and pepper.

lHeat the oil in a frying pan and slowly pour the egg mixture into the pan.

lLeave the mixture to set and brown.

lAdd your cheese or any other filling to one side of the mixture.

lWith a spatula gently fold the egg in half.

lFinish in the oven at 180 c for 5 minutes until the egg has set.

lGlenn Futter is head chef at La Cachette restaurant, Elland.

Go online at this weekend to see Glenn in action.