A very different snapshot of work

editorial image

Danny Thomas’s Halifax at Work project derived from a simple concept of capturing local people in their working environment.

“I am constantly thinking outside of the box and this project is no exception,” said Danny who lives in the town and is a graphic designer/photographer/creative.

“Just by approaching people and explaining my idea, they were very keen to participate,” he added.

Each photographic image, like the one above featuring Chris Fairley of Guitar Zone with guitars projected across his face, reveals both the person and their profession.

The exhibition, says Danny, will allow people from various backgrounds to network in a different and unique way.

He has managed to involve a incredibly diverse range of subjects from a Buddhist Monk, a florist, green grocer, record shop owner, coffee shop manager, artist, fim maker, comic shop owner and a children’s book illustrator.

The end result is most impressive with the classic portrait pose softened as the subject’s profession swirls around in a dream-like fashion.

Halifax At Work will be on view from 7pm on November 2 at Cafe Zone, Halifax (opposite the bus station).

It is open to anyone and there will be a chance to meet Danny and maybe some of his subjects too.