Look through surreal window onto life

Artist Dorothy Simister in her studio
Artist Dorothy Simister in her studio

In Dorothy Simister’s solo exhibition can be seen a unique view of shop windows in Hebden Bridge.

Dorothy’s art takes a snap-shot of a window reflection and turns them into colourful, playful and ambiguous paintings.

The shops, their contents, patterns, colours, reflected buildings and passers-by in Hebden and other places are transformed into familiar but surreal views in these carefully crafted paintings.

Dorothy says: “They are designed to be of long lasting intrigue, the more you look at them the more you will notice, like getting to know a friend.”

These are not the only subject tackled by Dorothy, as a keen walker, landscapes are featured in paintings and in sketch books on show.

Her other interest is in seed pods, collected and drawn beautifully, exploded in size to galvanise and capture the exquisite forms.

They also speak of a dying container yet hold precious seeds of life.

There are other more personal paintings about the life of a mum that many can identify with.

The solo show runs from March 25 till April 12 at the David Wright Gallery, Artsmill, Linden Mill, Linden Road, Hebden Bridge.

You can find out more details by emaling artsmill@lindenmill.co.uk or logging on to www.artsmill.org - or call 01422 647072.

The gallery is open Wednesday to Sunday 11am till 4pm (closed Monday and Tuesday).