From Glastonbury to the Trades Club

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Hotly tipped indie rockers Vant head to Hebden Bridge to play a a special show aimed at their growing band of young fans, writes Paul Clarke.

After scoring a string of playlisted records on Radio One the band led by songwriter Mattie Vant have built up a loyal fan base which is why the Trades Club is putting on an age 14 plus show on Friday, November 25 (8pm).

Teenage fans can come along with their parents to get a first experience of live music, and Mattie is 100 per cent behind this scheme as he started watching bands when he was still at school.

“I always went to gigs when I was 14, but you are at such an interesting stage of development when you are 14, 15, 16 as you are thinking about leaving school, and what your options are career wise or in education, so it’s really important to be engaged with culture at that time,” he said.

“I think it’s important that venues open their doors to younger people because if fans come when they are 14 they will come forever because they have an emotional attachment to that place.”

Growing up in his native North East Mattie and watching bands in clubs inspired him to pick up a guitar and start a band which has won a reputation as a red hot live act including packed gigs at Glastonbury and the Leeds Festival.

“Live music can teach you a lot about the world, showing you many aspects of society. And for me going to gigs was life changing,” recalls Mattie. “I knew I wanted to play guitar when I was 12, but then I went to see The Subways when I was 14, and it was just so raw and exciting, it just shaped who I am as a person.

“It was that community feeling of queuing up beforehand, and meeting new people in an alien environment, which is unlike any other, especially if you haven’t experienced it before.”

Mattie and his band have had a busy summer on the festival circuit in the UK and internationally. The politically engaged four piece are using their winter tour of smaller venues to promote their eagerly anticipated debut album Dumb Blood which will be released in February 2017.

“I have heard a lot about the Trades, which is in a town that can be overlooked on gigging schedules, so it was really important to us to play a few places we’ve never been to before.

“This will be our first time in Hebden Bridge so it’s exciting as I hear it is a very liberal place, which is probably more in line with our way of thinking than most of the other places we play.”

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