Something’s brewing down at Sid’s music shop

Sid Jones - and the Flying Teapot (CD and china versions!)
Sid Jones - and the Flying Teapot (CD and china versions!)
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PLENTY of music fans may have stepped into Sid Jones’s shop to buy a Flying Teapot - but it’s a good bet they didn’t know there’s more than one kind!

Sid has run Muse Music, in Market Street, Hebden Bridge, since the mid 1990s and being a rock music specialist has sold many a copy of classic albums from the late 1960s and the 1970s.

Bands like Genesis, Jethro Tull, Caravan and the Pretty Things have been steady sellers to lovers of psychedelic and progressive rock in that time but a new range of merchandise introduced since the run up to Christmas has also been brewing up a storm!

UK company Rockpots produce mugs bearing band logos and famous album covers and having taken some on trial Sid has seen them fairly fly out of the shop with customers fancying a brew with a listen, now able to slurp their tea from a Caravan “In The Land Of Grey And Pink” mug, for example, while listening to the music.

Sid says: “The company just approached me - I had heard of them because a couple of customers had seen them on sale at music festivals and one had brought me back one as a gift.

“So when they contacted me I thought it was a nice break from the predictable. They sold very well over Christmas, partly because they’re unusual but also because they also appeal to people who like classic album designs - and classic albums!” he said.

In turn the mugs may well help generate some extra music sales of the albums in question.

The crowning glory must be a real ceramic Flying Teapot to brew up in, based on the design for Gong’s classic Flying Teapot album of the early 1970s. Only 100 of these have been made by Rockpots and are likely to be a collector’s item.

It would certainly come in handy if Gong’s Daevid Allen - and he has appeared several times at Hebden Bridge Trades Club - was popping round for tea!

Sid hopes to restock some of the most popular while for Rockpots’ part designs they hope to produce in 2012 include the Clash, Bob Dylan, T. Rex, Miles Davis and Jefferson Airplane.