The easy way to make risotto

Risotto is a fairly simple dish to make. You just need a handful of ingredients, some love and about 30 minutes and you’ll have a super-comforting dinner in no time!

Risotto is one of those things that has a mostly undeserved reputation for being difficult. Well I can prove to you it is not if you follow my recipe!

Glenn Futter, new head chef at La Cachette, Elland.

Glenn Futter, new head chef at La Cachette, Elland.

My top tip is that you stir and add the red wine little but often and you don’t have to stir it constantly. Lastly the myth about it taking too long, discard - it doesn’t take forever to make.

Don’t make this risotto just to prove to yourself that you can.

Make it because it’s so creamy and satisfying; make it because you want something purple on your plate just for fun.

The only warning I have is that you do need to hover a bit so it’s not great for when you’re busy and trying to do 101 other tasks!

Cooking with wine adds so many flavors to your dishes especially when you let it reduce down and it gets really thick! Perfect ingredient for risotto! Also the best red wine I would recommend using is either wine that you like drinking or cooking wine, nothing expensive!

If you are accompanying your risotto with some kind of meat then duck, pigeon or venison are best.

Lastly with Valentine’s Day right very soon, I figured this was a good recipe to make for your partner!

Red Wine Risotto


(serves 2 people for main’s)

2 onions

400g rice

4 cloves garlic

100g butter

300ml of red wine

Handful of parmesan (optional)

Handful of herbs- tarragon, chervil & parsley (optional)


lBegin with reducing your red wine.

lChop your onion and garlic finely.

lHeat up another pan and melt the butter.

lAdd in your onions and sweat down till they look transparent.

lIf eating it on its own then add some salt and pepper.

Add the garlic and rice and stir.

lStart to add your red wine to the rice little by little while stirring.

lOnce all the wine has been used up, stir for a couple of minutes and if you feel it is not done then add a little water.

lReduce the water down and then add a handful of parmesan.

lJust before serving fold in the herbs and plate up.