Life and times of John Le Mesurier

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Do You Think That’s Wise? The Life and Times of John Le Mesurier

Square Chapel, Halifax, February 3, at 7.30pm

Actor, mimic and writer Julian Dutton brings his one-man show Do You Think That’s Wise? : The Life and Times of John Le Mesurier to Square Chapel after a sell-out run at Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the summer: “Above all it’s an affectionate tribute to one of Britain’s best-loved comedy stars, but I also try to reveal the man behind the wry smile and urbane repartee that charmed millions and turned John Le Mesurier into a household name as Sergeant Wilson in Dad’s Army,” says Julian photographed in character by Robert Nesbitt. “As with many comedy stars, Le Mesurier’s life was not without tragedy - his broken marriage to Hattie Jacques, his betrayal by his best friend Tony Hancock - all these setbacks shook him, but his reputation as the quintessential English Gentleman never wavered. I don’t shy away from the darker things in his life, so it’s a balanced picture - and as the play progresses he does attempt to confront his demons.” Julian first took off the Bedford-born performer as a child. He later channeled his inner John Le Mesurier in BAFTA-winning BBC1 programme Alistair McGowan’s Big Impression which he co-created.Tickets: 01422 349422 or