Love against all odds, with real rock punch

The cast of TAODS' April production Rent take to the stage, April 2011
The cast of TAODS' April production Rent take to the stage, April 2011

Todmorden’s Hippodrome Theatre is a flurry of activity as the final preparations are made for RENT, the musical staged by TAODS next week.

The Todmorden Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society cast are very excited about the standard they have achieved and each of them has developed a soft spot for the story.

“Some of our cast knew RENT before we started rehearsals,” said artistic director Justine Sutcliffe, “but many of them didn’t – and like some of our audience, they weren’t sure what to expect.

“We hope that our audience will come and see RENT because they know we’ll put on a top quality performance – and trust us to entertain them, even if they don’t know the show.”

RENT, based on La Boheme, is a rock-musical set in New York in the 90s - it’s not uptown New York, it’s not a nice area, but the characters the audience will meet are genuine friends who care deeply about each other, she said.

RENT is about love against the odds: brief love, passionate love, real love, said Justine.

“It’s a show about a group of friends looking for love and success, dealing with the challenges of life and death and trying to live a bohemian dream. These friends live a liberal life-style; they aren’t conventional, they don’t have money and possessions, but they do have soul – and they grab each day and live it to the full.”

Musical director Helen Clarkson says this is reflected in the show’s powerful music. “The band for this show is a full rock band and they pack a punch,” she says.

For tickets you can go to , call into the Todmorden Tourist Information Centre or ring Sylvia on 07722 236837.

Tickets will also be available on the door each show night.

RENT runs at the Hippodrome from April 12 to 16, opening at 7.30 each evening. Seats are £10 to £12 in price.