Mikron delivers postal play full of fact and fun

Mikron presents Don't Shoot the Messenger at The Stubbing Wharf, Hebden Bridge on Tuesday, October 8
Mikron presents Don't Shoot the Messenger at The Stubbing Wharf, Hebden Bridge on Tuesday, October 8

West Yorkshire-based touring theatre company Mikron are revelling in tales of the birds and the bees this month as they float in by narrowboat.

The “pigeon post” and the history and evolution of the mail delivery service is told with wit and wisdom as they present a comical journey through the life (and threatened death) of a postal service.

‘Don’t Shoot the Messenger!’, Mikron Theatre Company’s brand new show, written by Maeve Larkin, is a celebration of the postal service; a homage to an institution on the brink of extinction.

It will be staged at the Stubbing Wharf, King Street, Hebden Bridge on Tuesday (7.30pm). A collection will be taken after the show.

Further details are available from www.stubbingwharf.com or by calling the pub on 01422 844107.

In ‘Don’t Shoot the Messenger’, an unsuspecting gunman gets more than he bargains for when he holds up a sleepy village post office. The tables are turned on him and the postmistress seizes the opportunity to educate the raider.

From the Ancient Greeks to the age of Shakespeare, from the Victorian era to the digital age, written messages have been the cornerstone of civilised society. Mikron Theatre tells the tale of evolution in one evening’s enlightening entertainment.

Told by a company of four, but featuring a cast of dozens, this hilarious, mail-coach, night-train ride through the history of the postal service comes complete with original songs and live music and just a smattering of mad-cap tomfoolery.

Mikron Theatre Company are unique, being the only company in the world to tour professional theatre by narrowboat, travelling via canals and rivers to take performances to places that don’t often see theatre; pubs, village greens, canal basins, fields, allotments and, with this show, post office clubs.

‘Don’t Shoot the Messenger!’ will tour nationally until the end of October alongside Mikron’s second new show for 2013, ‘Beyond the Veil’, which can be seen on Saturday, October 19, at Incredible Edible, Honey Hole Road, Todmorden (01706 815407).

Written by Deborah McAndrew, with Northern Broadsides actor Conrad Nelson as its composer, it’s a tale of dark deeds in sleepy Thistledale, murky pasts, bitter grudges, thwarted passions. And bees!

All details are on the company’s website: www.mikron.org.uk