Poignant drama, driven by a timeless dilemma

HEBDEN Bridge Little Theatre end their season with Terence Rattigan’s moving drama The Deep Blue Sea - an appropriate choice as this year has been the celebration of the centenary of the author’s birth with a flurry of productions of his works nationally.

The play opens dramatically with young neighbours discovering the limp body of Hester Collyer who has tried to commit suicide.

Some time before she has left her husband, a respected high court judge, for the raffish charms of an ex-fighter pilot whose feelings for her have cooled – the classic passion of an older woman for a younger man.

As the title suggests the play is driven by a dilemma – should she return to a husband who still wants her and a life of respectability or pursue the lover who wants her on his terms?

Making their debuts with theatre are Joyce Fraser as Hester Collyer and Ben Burgin as her lover Freddie Page.

Mike Bellenie plays her husband and Chris Berry the mysterious Mr Miller.

Arlene Duffy makes a welcome return to the stage as the housekeeper and there is another debut for Mark Hill as Freddie’s friend.

Gil Burns and Josh Nutbrown play the young neighbours.

Director Jenny Gore says: “This is a poignant, moving drama with Rattigan showing what a fine writer he is.”

The play runs at the theatre, which is in Holme Street, Hebden Bridge, from November 28 to December 3, starting at 7.30pm each evening. Tickets are available by telephoning 01422 843907 or they can be bought son at Innovation, Hebden Bridge.