Sunday’s audition day for summer show

HEBDEN Bridge Little Theatre are transporting us to the sunny climes of America’s west coast for their Summer production California Suite.

The play is actually four separate playlets only connected by the fact that the characters act out their various dramas in the same suite of hotel rooms – same set different lives.

A real variety of relationships is explored by the author Neil Simon more famous for his play “The Odd Couple’ recently staged at the theatre.

Director Hannah Stow says: “There are up to eleven parts available involving a wide age range from the late twenties upwards so this is a perfect chance for people to introduce themselves to the stage.”

The play runs from June 18 to 23 and there will be a readthrough/audition this Sunday, March 25, at 7.30pm. All are welcome whether you want a part, help backstage or simply want to listen to the play being read.