Ursula fairy stories will enthrall

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Award-WINNING actress Ursula Holden Gill has emerged in recent years as one of the north’s most captivating storytellers.

Her quirky, unique sets are influenced largely by 19th Century Music Hall, Lancashire dialect, Westmorland clogging, folk, traditional and original song, puppetry, clean-but-cheeky stand-up comedy and essentially, life.

For her Heart Gallery, Market Street, Hebden Bridge, exhibition launch of May All Your Dreams Come True, Ursula will be presenting a song and story set she calls Sightings of the Little People - suitable for adults and children alike. It explores the idea that fairy sightings have been associated with , and are responsible for, the naming of more places in the British Isles than anywhere else in the world.

It begins on Sunday, May 13, at noon. Ursula will be doing three sets throughout the day. For an invitation or more information contact Alison Bartram on heartgallery@btinternet.com or 01422 845845.