Could you be Yorkshire Water's latest Leakage Inspector?

Burst pipes need reporting, say Yorkshire Water
Burst pipes need reporting, say Yorkshire Water

It may not be a job title many people have considered pursuing, but it's certainly one not too many of your friends will have.

The job advert for Yorkshire Water's Leakage Inspector role states that the company are wanting to talk to people with varying amounts of experience in 'leakage', to join their leakage team.

The permanent job role, which is based right across Yorkshire, offers a competitive salary and bonuses, as well as a company van.

But what does a Leakage Inspector do exactly?

The successful candidate will have experience working in leakage activity and be able to identify leaks using sounding techniques on private and public pipes and networks.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, click here for full details.

The job advert comes on the back of advice from Yorkshire Water on what to do if you have a burst pipe.

They say that if you notice water trickling or running down a road, then you should report it.

To report a leak, visit this website.