'The attack was a total disregard for life': Halifax pharmacy owner hits out at arsonists

A Halifax business owner has hit out at arsonists who firebombed his pharmacy.

Wednesday, 8th January 2020, 4:46 pm
David Wilkinson, Heath Pharmacy owner

David Wilkinson, who owns Heath Pharmacy, in Free School Lane, has spoken out after his business was firebombed around 2.30am on Friday morning.

Mr Wilkinson said the arsonists had a “total disregard for life” after two petrol bombs were thrown into the building’s front window, situated below two flats rented out by tenants.

He said: “I’ve been working in this pharmacy since 1977 and bought it in 1992.

Mr Wilkinson said the firebomb arsonists has a 'total disregard for life'

“Within that time we’ve had thefts and countless false alarms, but we’ve never been attacked like this before.

“Above the pharmacy there are two flats which are both currently occupied - this just shows the attack was a total disregard for life.”

Footage captured two suspects approaching the building before setting fire to the inside.

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Watch the shocking moment Halifax pharmacy is petrol bombed by arsonists
(LtR) Pharmacy manager Amanda Smith, with May Gledhill and Denise Briscoe

Police confirmed there were no injuries during the attack.

The pharmacy manager Amanda Smith said: “I walked in that morning and the shop was blackened due to the fire damage.

“As a result, we had to serve customers their medicine and subscriptions from the back of the shop.

“We’re in shock, it’s very upsetting and we’re still in disbelief.

(LtR) Pharmacy manager Amanda Smith, with May Gledhill and Denise Briscoe

“We feel lucky as it happened after the Christmas period, which was extremely busy, and no one was hurt including the tenants living above the store.

“The fire didn’t spread to the rear of the shop where all the medication is stored, so thankfully customers weren’t affected.”

West Yorkshire Police confirmed investigations are ongoing under crime reference: 13200003109.

Fire damage from the arson attack on January 3
The fire damage was sustained from two petrol bombs being thrown through the front window
Floor damaged near the centre of the shop